community well

The Community Well

The Community Well gatherings evolved from a desire to come together in a circle of healing, sharing, and support for our individual and collective wellness. Ancient wisdom traditions and modern sciences both acknowledge that one's health and well-being are inextricably linked in mind, body, and spirit, from our innermost physiological functioning to how we relate in community and within nature’s larger ecological web.

The Community Well gatherings are intended to be a space in which we can:
  • Be in a warm, connected, sober, and meditative environment.
  • Generate self-inquiry, discussion, and actionable ways to navigate the challenges of the modern world in community. 
  • Learn simple breathing practices, meditation, low or no-cost remedies for the prevention of chronic diseases, and new ways to thrive.
  • Enjoy tea, breathe, learn, share personal experience and insight, and support each other, nourishing our inner and outer wells.

Scott Blossom, Chandra Easton, and Jonny Nobleza will facilitate the fall gatherings, drawing on our backgrounds in yoga, meditation, and healing arts such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to set the tone and structure of the meetings. Starting in the winter, we look forward to having guest facilitators join us.


As you arrive tea will be served and there will be a few minutes to settle in.  This will be followed by personal and collective intention setting and simple breathing practices to promote natural meditation and group resonance. A brief wellness presentation (schedule listed below) will be offered by one of our presenters, followed by extended discussion and reflection within the group. We will close with meditation.

When & Where

Gatherings will take place the first Friday evening of every month during the fall of 2019 from 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Gatherings occur a the The Heartbeat Collective in Oakland (3630 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA).

We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and orientations. Just bring an open heart, mind and a journal. The Heartbeat Collective has chairs, blankets, bolsters, and yoga mats to sit on but feel free to bring your own if you like.

Wellness Presentations

Friday Sept. 6th
Ayurveda and the Microbiome Part 1

with Scott Blossom

Friday Oct. 4th
Ayurveda and the Microbiome Part 2

with Scott Blossom

Friday Nov. 1st
Topic TBD
with Jonny Nobleza

Friday Dec. 6th
with Chandra Easton

Donation Policy

Our primary intention is to make the Community Well accessible to everyone, so we are offering the gatherings on a donation basis. We have a broad sliding-scale model to encourage people to give according to their capacity.

Suggested sliding scale donation: $5 - 60 per gathering

Drop ins welcome, no registration is required.

For questions, email